Komatsu D 250 Bulldozer Planierraupe

Komatsu D250 Planierraupe mit
seilbetätigtem Planierschild


  1. Are you sure that it is Komatsu? Radiator have typical Caterpillar's form, and I cannot google any info about d250 model. Also there isn't Komatsu logo in rear side, near driver. And, correct me if I'm wrong, Komatsu's dozer index should end 5, not 0.

  2. Thanks for your question!
    Yes this foto shows a Komatsu Bulldozer D250 as I was told by Komatsu about 30 years ago.(?)
    When you enlarge the picture you can read the Komatsu sign.

  3. May I see any info about this dozer? I still cannot google anything about it, and all Komatsu logos I can google don't look like on this shot. Also I'm still sure that this is typical Caterpillar's radiator with 6 angles and holes. Probably it's CAT D8 or D9. Komatsu dozers of that time had radiator with bars, not holes, and large Komatsu word above it and front lights partially integrated there. It's so Caterpillar looking that I still cannot believe it's Komatsu. Compare your shot with this typical 30 years old Komatsu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5OA3JC-L5U

  4. You are right.
    In my opinion also this Dozer looks much more like a Caterpillar D9 than a Komatsu Dozer.
    Hope we can find out...

  5. Looks like a cat d9d, but it's not. The exthauspipe is to close to the operator and the turbo is on the right side on a d9d/e/g/h not on left as on this one. The air cleaners are on the left side on a d9, not on the right as on the dozer pictured here. Hope this helps, but i think it's a
    d250 /Håkan

    1. Found some further information on the D250 -wich, indeed, really existed.